Public space is an important factor in urban development.

The famous Dutch architect Bart Goldhoorn gave a lecture in NSUADI.
Bart Goldhoorn speaks Russian very well. More than ten years the architect spent in Russia, collaborated with well-known Russian architects and developers, so he knows the Russian language and the problems of Russian urban planning. And they, according to the lecturer, we have two: standard construction and"iron curtain". If first problem sounds familiar and is perceived with irony, as in the movie by Eldar Ryazanov. The second-the "iron curtain" appeared just after the fall of the political curtain and caused serious damage to society. Changes in the form of ownership, privatization of housing, land, have had a painful impact on the public space, creating phenomena such as grilles on Windows, fences, barriers and other "curtains" that impede communication of residents.

According to Bart Goldhoorn, in Soviet times, the development of residential areas, even standard "boxes", was the best planning decision, as it created a single space: safe, comfortable, open. Schools and kindergartens, as a rule, were located inside the quarter, children could walk without crossing the street highway, the total area United residents, facilitated communication, formed good-neighbourly relations.

 Today, according to Mr. Goldhoorn, the demand for public space is at its peak again. Buying a house, people choose not just square meters and location, but also the environment. Everything is taken into account: the view from the window, landscaping, the presence of children's and sports grounds and even a place for walking dogs.

In Novosibirsk, many developers have redesigned their housing policies in favour of integrated development. Construction company "Sibakademstroy", part of the GC" Brusnika", one of the first declared a course to create a comfortable living environment. For the last 3 years Bart Goldhoorn has been working closely with Brusnika as the chief architect of the company and inspires his colleagues to make new planning decisions.

New built-up" Sibakademstroy " neighborhoods in Novosibirsk just meet the needs of the time: a single safe area, yard without cars, light entrances, high standards of landscaping local area.

"If there is transparency, there will be purity and social control," Mr. Goldhoorn is sure. Transparency is understood in the literal sense of the glass doors in the hallways ("Sibakademstroy" builds only), to be light and safe, to transparency in relationships: when business and government are open to the community.

"Public space is an important factor in urban planning, a catalyst for the development of the city, "Bart Goldhoorn's red line of his report.

Knowing the peculiarities of urban policy in Russia, the speaker noted "10 harmful standards", which, in his opinion," inhibit the development of high-quality architecture. This so-called "wet zone", regulating the strict placement of toilets, the distance between the openings of Windows on the floors — not less than 120 cm, the distance of Parking from residential premises, norms of insolation in the living room no kitchen etc. All this, according to, architectural educator, driving the architecture of the narrow scope, giving rise to the notorious standard designs.

When asked if we can expect changes in the standards, the speaker was encouraged that it is possible, and half-jokingly added:"in Russia, everything can happen very quickly."

But even with typical projects you can work creatively, says Bart Goldhoorn, if, for example, to collect a residential quarter as a designer, alternating houses of different height and configuration, placing them so as not to close the view of the future, modeling a single public space.

One provocative question was raised on the topic of public space. Many residents have moved into new homes, where a very high level of back yard area, with nostalgia his old yards, where they could Pat the carpets, drier linen. In new neighborhoods such everyday areas anymore. On this Bart said quite seriously: if the residents want this, such things need to be implemented. "You can organize a place for carpet washing on the roof" - the architect was found.

Students were also interested in the architectural competition, which was announced by the speaker, asked how to participate in it. "First you need to finish the Institute," Bart joked, given the presence of sufficient high professional competence of the competitor.

Representatives of the company"Sibakademstroy," present at the lecture, asked the students NGUAGE cooperation, as, for example, in Yekaterinburg. There, students of the local architectural University are trained in the parent company "Brusniki", and someone has already received an invitation to work. Why not follow this path in Novosibirsk? All the more, that the beginning of been paved. Most recently, 3rd and 4th year students of the Department of urban planning and landscape architecture of GAUDI visited the facilities under construction of the company "Sibakademstroy", got acquainted with the concept of "yard without cars", the principles of zoning of the territory and landscaping.

At the end of the lecture, the audience warmly thanked Bart Goldhoorn for his interesting speech, which not only opens up new knowledge, but also encourages action — to do something beautiful and useful for people. This is the task of the architect.

Text: Elena Azanova

Photo: Anton Gashenko