Feedback from students

Rustamova Mavjuda, Tajikistan

I entered the NSUADA in 2019, at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning. At first, of course, it was not as easy as it seemed, but over time, when you learn about everything and adjust to student life, it becomes easier. I am glad to participate in various competitions and festivals on behalf of our university. What I like most about NSUADA is how they work with foreign students.

Hassan Ushin, Egypt

This year I finished my first year in the direction of "Fashion Design" and was very pleased with both the university and the faculty. Acquaintance with the university began long before entering it. Excellent teaching staff, everyone loves their job and skillfully share their experience with us, students. Already from the first year we were taught to realize ourselves as real designers, presenting our collections at the international level. This is an invaluable experience.

As for a foreigner at first, the support of the department for work with foreign students was important and valuable to me.

The set of items is quite interesting, provides versatile development: project graphics in costume design, ornament, professional socialization and others.

Our faculty provides the most important thing – a lot of useful and diverse practice.

From my side, I am very grateful to NSUADA for the environment that I managed to acquire during my studies.

Anastasia Batayeva, Kazakhstan

NSUADA is a place where any of your initiatives will turn into reality.

Studying at a university differs from school precisely in that everything here depends only on you. The university provides tools for work, and in this matter NSUADA will give odds to any other university in the country. The fusion of experience and youth of the teaching staff, close cooperation with various enterprises form for us - students - an endless platform for self-realization.

If you are looking for a place where any of your ideas are welcome, where you will be helped to bring it to life and will be given all the resources for this, do not hesitate - NSUADA is the right place!

Liu Bao, China

Kryachkov Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design and Arts is a well-known architectural university in Russia. The training is serious, the teachers are enthusiastic and responsible.

Serious and responsible teaching: Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design and Arts pays great attention to the quality and professionalism of teaching. The university provides students with many learning resources. As soon as we arrived at the university, the head of the department invited us to immerse in the learning environment. The rector and teachers warmly welcomed us and drew up a training plan. They took us to the library to collect educational materials, held regular meetings to discuss educational and everyday issues.

Enthusiasm of teachers: NSUADA’s teachers are very friendly. They actively interact with students and take care of their learning and living conditions. Also encourage students to think and ask questions, promoting academic interest and student creativity. Help students solve their learning problems. The staff of the international center is very attentive, patiently help to solve the problems in the life and study of foreign students, making the life of studying abroad very happy!

Professional Development: The university provides support to students in their professional development. The teaching team also pays attention to industry trends and updates course content in a timely manner so that students receive an education that keeps up with the times.

Kryachkov Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design and Arts is known for its conscientiousness in teaching and the enthusiasm of its teachers. The university pays attention to the quality of teaching and practical training, and strives to develop the professional abilities and innovative spirit of students. In such a learning environment, students receive a quality education and support for personal growth.