Advanced Training Faculty

The Advanced Training Faculty carries out additional professional education of teaching staff, educators and specialists in the field of architectural and art education.

The main directions:
1. Realization of advanced training programs for academic staff of Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design and Arts.
2. Organization of: advanced training, professional retraining, internships for educational and scientific organizations employees, specialists of enterprises for the purpose of improving or acquiring professional skills in the field of architectural and art education, acquiring new professional skills, occupational standards competences, passing assessment of educational organizations employees.

• intramural (full-time attendance),
• on-site and off-site training (evening courses),
• online training,
• participating in conferences,
• individual,
• internship.

The issued documents:
• Standard-issued certificate of advanced training
• Standard-issued diploma of professional retraining
• Certificate of training of the ATF NSUADA

Programs of ATF are suitable for:
• Academic staff
• Lecturers
• Teachers and tutors
• Heads and specialists of educational organizations
• Scientists
• Scientific advisers
• Doctoral students
• Postgraduate students
• Assistants
• Masters

Programs of additional professional education of the Faculty are implemented in the following areas:
• - architecture
• urban planning
• - design:
Architectural space design
communicative design
graphic design
Industrial Design
costume design
• - art:
monumental and decorative art
• - digital technologies
• Education

The contact person:
Komlichenko Marina Anatolievna
Phone: +7 (383) 209 17 50 (ext.1621)