Faculty of Design and Arts

The faculty was established in 1999 (until September 2015 it had a title - Art and Design Faculty)

Dean of Faculty:

Tikhov Vladislav Germanovich, PhD in Architecture, associate professor,
Plenipotentiary of the Russia Designers Association in Siberian Federal District.
Tel: +7 (383) 209-17-50, ext. number 1513

Faculty Document specialist:
Chusovlyanova Tatyana Mikhailovna
Tel: +7 (383) 209-17-50, ext. number 1501

The faculty trains full-time students in the following training programs and specialties:
- training program 54.03.01 Design (bachelor's degree) – the training period is 4 years according to educational program specializations: communication design - activity related to the organization of the information environment by visual-graphic means; graphic design - artistic and design activities to create a harmonious visual and communication environment; industrial design - activities aimed at creating new samples of industrial products (vehicles, furniture, appliances and objects of cultural and domestic use); costume design - artistic and design activities, aimed at creating new collections of clothing; - training program 07.03.03 Architectural Space Design (academic bachelor's degree) - the training period is 5 years. The profession is associated with the implementation of design and research activities on the integrated formation of object and spatial (architectural and design) ensembles: interiors of buildings and structures of various nature and purpose, open spaces in the city and the countryside, their dimensional fragments, decorative and landscaping elements, landscape and decorative forms and complexes and their equipment.

- training program 54.05.01 Monumental and decorative art (specialty) – the training period is 6 years in specializations: monumental and decorative art (painting), monumental and decorative art (sculpture), monumental and decorative art (interior). The profession is associated with creative activities in the creation of works of art in the field of monumental decorative painting and monumental and decorative sculpture in an architectural space.